Paula Haverty is a mom of two, an active participant in her community, and an aspiring photographer. Paula participated in the femLENS workshops in the summer of 2015. Her photographs were later exhibited around her neighbourhood, where she had taken the photos.

Below are some of the projects from Balgaddy, Dublin, Ireland 2015

The “Garden and Bush Centre” is a common green space where the residents of Balgaddy often come together to have social events, the children can get their hands dirty and experiment with growing their own fruits and vegetables, as well as have a safe space to play. The space has been under threat, as the nearby church claims that the land belongs to it, and wants it to be turned into a parking lot. This series shows the use the community has made of a rare public-access green space.

This series is called “Mistakes”. Everyone knows those strange photos of smudged stuff on their phones. But these have something more to them.

“Broken” is a series about the state of much of the neighbourhood, neglected by the city council and the residents, who mostly can’t afford repairs.

“Tidy Town” is an optimistic project led by the women and children of Balgaddy, doing the work of the city council. At least once a month a group of women and children get together and clean the streets of their neighbourhood. Often the story has a sad ending though – after gathering the trash into bags it maybe dispersed again by vandals and the council trucks fail to collect it as they should.

Portraits of neighbours and residents of Balgaddy.