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Our mission is to give voice to communities through documentary photography by providing visual and technological education to women.

Since 2015 femLENS works with local community centres, libraries, activist groups and NGOs providing documentary photography workshops to women and girls from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds, organising photo exhibitions and publishing books and magazines.

Our mission


EDUCATION Seek to expand educational opportunities for women through new networks and connections.

ENCOURAGE LIFE-LONG LEARNING Teaching a skill which can be applied in another area with further development encourages self-learning and life long development.

COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT Educate women who will contribute to the empowerment of their communities.

INCLUSION/DIVERSITY Working with women from all backgrounds.

TELL VISUAL STORIES Visual storytelling is a therapeutic form providing tools for self expression, healing and further interpersonal growth and development through self-reflection.

DIVERSITY OF VISIONS Provide a multiplicity of visual voices in the media and arts, and contribute to the visual archive of our time.

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Copy of Copy of community survey

Fill in the femLENS Community Survey to have your experience counted of being a woman photographer

Take part in our “Women at Work Campaign” by sharing photographs of real women doing real work, to challenge stock images and stereotypes.

Check out the IWD 2021 Campaign zine

An overview of “Unlearning Decisive Moments of Photography” by Ariella Azoulay

Our Work


We work together with local community organisations that know the people who want to learn about documentary photography, technology, and who know the stories that matter.

We believe that everybody has the right to learn, to tell their stories, to participate in the collective visual recording of our history.

Using a variety of innovative, person-centred methodologies, each of our workshops aims to give voice to the lived experience of women from different social backgrounds and walks of life. 

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Our vision is empowered women creating and sharing their own stories about their lives.

Narva, Estonia

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