We see femLENS as a tool for social change, offering an inclusive approach by empowering women to become change agents themselves by using visual storytelling and photography to document their own lives within the society we live in, using the easily available tools – mobile phone cameras and other cheaper alternatives.

We envision a world in which more women from diverse backgrounds are included into the visual storytelling of the world. femLENS’ mission is to empower women and their communities, to challenge stereotypes and discrimination in the media, through education, support, exhibitions and contacts with the media.


In October 2018 femLENS ran a series of documentary photography workshops in the city of Zhytomy, Ukraine.

According to the research commissioned by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) mission in Ukraine and conducted by GfK Ukraine in 2015, over 230,000 Ukrainians have become victims of human trafficking since 1991.

The cited report shows that Ukraine is one of the main countries of origin of trafficking of human beings in Europe, and working on prevention measures is an important aspect of fighting TIP globally.

According to a more recent report by the IOM, 69% of population of the Zhytomyr region is vulnerable to human trafficking.

The photographs below together with the information from the research visually explore some of the core issues that make people vulnerable to human trafficking in the Zhytomyr region.

femLENS Photographers