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This past International Women’s Day femLENS launched the first women-only documentary photography magazine “We See” available through


Introducing “We See,” the documentary photography magazine encouraging women to become agents of change

Review by Alexander Breindel for Resource Magazine

We see femLENS as a tool for social change, offering an inclusive approach by empowering women to become change agents themselves by using visual storytelling and photography to document their own lives within the society we live in, using the easily available tools – mobile phone cameras and other cheaper alternatives.

We envision a world in which more women from diverse backgrounds are included into the visual storytelling of the world. femLENS’ mission is to empower women and their communities, to challenge stereotypes and discrimination in the media, through education, support, exhibitions and contacts with the media.


Interview with our workshop participant Ewa Drewa about why she took part in our documentary photography workshops

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