Currently, we choose which organisations or groups of women we will run the workshops for, but if you think that your organisation or school would benefit from engaging the women and girls involved in your work in documentary photography, you can reach out to us to tailor a workshop.

  • NGOs and informal associations will benefit from training their participants to be able to record the work of the organisation, which could be used on websites, social media, annual reports.
  • Schools that want to encourage girls to choose more active and socially engaged careers may want to host a series of workshops on documentary photography for girls.

Contact us to discuss the available options.

Many people and organisations have been with us since we started this work and we would like to acknowledge them for the time, work and money that they have invested into promoting the goals of femLENS.

Special thanks to the following organisations that have participated or assisted in the workshops:
Balgaddy Child & Family Centre
Thomson Reuters in Poland











Many thanks to the individuals who have been so generous with their time and resources:
Malgorzata Pachol – Proofreader
Barbara Filaih – Contributing writer
Radu Sigheti – Guest speaker
Alina Voinea – Web developer

And to others who have helped us promote, connect, develop and continue our work:
Joanne Hogan
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