AGENCY: VOTE WITH HER, co-funded by the EU (2023-2024) is a project of the European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW), in collaboration with femLENS, as well as several national and local organisations in EU states (Akidwa in Ireland, MONIKA in Finland, Olympe in France, MIGS in Cyprus, Ukrainian Women Union in Greece, Oasis in Belgium, Por ti Mujer in Spain, European Organisation for Integration in Germany, Afghan Women Organisation in Sweden, Iroko in Italy).

The main objective of AGENCY is to increase political participation of women with migrant backgrounds in the context of the European Parliament’s elections 2024.

In the period from May till November 2023, the changemakers – over 50 women from diverse backgrounds in 14 EU states – took part in the programme that included online and in-person training sessions covering a range of topics, from the EU institutional architecture and legislative processes, to campaigning and advocacy. They also got familiarised with the PHOTOVOICE – a tool that helps individuals and communities convey their stories and political messages through the medium of photography.

In the period from January till May 2024, the participants of AGENCY will organise their own campaigns, combining PHOTOVOICE and documentary photography within their own localities with the aim to communicate their vision and their concerns to wider public and to encourage their communities to participate in the 2024 EU elections.

The workshops were designed to combine documentary photography and photovoice techniques to empower women from various cultural and economic backgrounds, to challenge stereotypes and discrimination prevalent in the media. Through these workshops, participants learned technical skills in photography while also exploring the power of visual storytelling. They were encouraged to document their lives, experiences, and communities, offering alternative narratives that challenge prevailing stereotypes. This project provided participants with a platform to exhibit their work and publish their stories, amplifying their voices and fostering dialogue around issues affecting women with migrant backgrounds.

femLENS’ involvement in the AGENCY project underscores the transformative potential of documentary photography and photovoice techniques in empowering migrant women and amplifying their voices in the pursuit of social justice and equality. Through these initiatives, women with migrant backgrounds are not only recognised as active agents of change but are also provided with the necessary tools and platforms to effect meaningful and lasting transformations within their communities and societies.

Areas of expertise:
· Gender Education and Training
· Documentary Photography
· Storytelling
· Communication Planning and Strategy
· Workshop Facilitation
· Sustainable Transformation