femLENS has been actively participating in various events and workshops to promote women’s empowerment through photography. Here are some of our notable participations:

  • In April 2016 Jekaterina Saveljeva, the founder of femLENS, was invited to present the talk “Invisible Women in Documentary Photography” at the TEDxLasnamäe conference held in Tallinn, Estonia. 
  • In 2018, the role of femLENS in the global fight against human trafficking was presented during the scholar’s breakfast at the Thomson Reuters Trust Foundation Conference.
  • In 2018, femLENS spoke about our work at Simbiosis festival in Malaga, Spain. 
  • In July 2019 femLENS was invited to hold a documentary photography workshop in Diakonie Deutschland’s art festival, Kunst trotz(t) Ausgrenzung (Art Despite Exclusion), Berlin, Germany. 
  • Story development workshop at Computer Chaos Congress, Leipzig, Germany (2019): femLENS conducted a workshop on story development at the annual Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany. The workshop focused on technical and political issues related to security, cryptography, privacy, and online freedom of speech.
  • Photography for Change – PHOTO IS:VOICE, Photo IS:RAEL (2021): FemLENS participated in an online event hosted by Photo IS:RAEL called Photography for Change – PHOTO IS:VOICE. Jekaterina Saveljeva was one of the speakers, talking about femLENS and the organisation’s efforts to help women worldwide develop their abilities, independence, and self-possession through photography workshops. 
  • Kolga Tbilisi Photo (2021): femLENS conducted an online visual storytelling workshop during the Kolga Tbilisi Photo event. Kolga Tbilisi Photo is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of the art of photography in Georgia and abroad. 
  • The Global Leadership Academy online conference (2021): Jekaterina Saveljeva presented a topic on photojournalistic activities to fight trafficking in persons at the Global Leadership Academy online conference. She talked about femLENS’ work, including photo workshops with girls and women, a photo exhibition on trafficking in persons, and the development of a concept for photo workshops on trafficking in persons prevention. 
  • Visual storytelling and digital campaigning workshop for ENOMW, Dublin, Ireland (2022): femLENS organised a visual storytelling and digital campaigning workshop for the European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW) in Dublin, Ireland. The workshop aimed to enhance the digital skills of lower-skilled migrant and ethnic minority background women.
  • Migrant Women: Addressing specific needs for full digital learning, Brussels, Belgium (2022): As part of the Teach Digital project, femLENS took part in a workshop on addressing the specific needs of migrant women in the digital sphere in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop consisted of thematic presentations by migrant women experts working in the fields of digital rights, digital content creation, and migrant women’s rights. 
  • Female in Focus Photography contest by British Journal of Photography (2022): Jekaterina Saveljeva was one of the judges in the Female in Focus Photography contest organised by the British Journal of Photography. The international award aimed to champion the work of world-class women-identifying photographers. 
  • Mondo MTÜ movie night and panel discussion (2024): featured an engaging screening of the animated documentary “Flee” followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion. The event welcomed femLENS founder Jekaterina Saveljeva and Mondo’s esteemed partner, human rights activist and Afghan refugee Ali Afzal.
  • “Visual Bridges” transnational workshop on Ethical Photography, Intercultural Dialogue and Artivism, happend in Athens (made possible by funding from Anna Lindh Foundation) (2024): The collaboration brought together femLENS, represented by Jekaterina Saveljeva, along with Hadhami Henia from the educator Association ATAC in Tunisia, Aspasia Protogerou, an intercultural trainer from Greece, and Ioannis Sourelis, co-founder of Fotoessa in Greece. This initiative received significant support from Eva Katsaiti, a Lecturer in Photography at the Department of Photography & Audio Visual Arts of the University of West Attica.
    Over two days, participants, including students and faculty from the Department of Photography & Audio Visual Arts of the University of West Attica, engaged in various activities. These activities aimed to cultivate intercultural skills such as self-awareness, critical thinking, and empathy, while also encouraging reflection on personal limitations of perception, prejudices, and stereotypes.
    Moreover, participants drew inspiration from the use of art as a dynamic tool for raising awareness, empowering individuals, and promoting social change, a concept known as Artivism. They also acquired theoretical and practical tools for utilising photography to tell stories and promote positive social impact. Additionally, the event aimed to raise awareness about ethical photography practices and the challenges associated with using AI in photography and media.