Today is femLENS 2 year anniversary since the very first workshop in Balgaddy, Dublin. That first workshop happened in a community centre with no projector or screen, no budget and not much of a clear view of where this could go – just an idea that there are stories about the community that women need to share themselves. And they did. And they have been doing it in Poland now, and hopefully will continue to do in other places. The team has grown, our resources have been growing too thanks to the support of some very generous people – we have been able to buy some equipment for participants and pay for very cool prints for a photo exhibition. We’ve even been mentioned in the local media in Gdynia, Poland!  It’s been a great 2 years, a pleasure to meet everyone and to develop documentary photography projects from communities we don’t usually hear much. We’re yet to see if we’ve made any impact on those involved in the workshops and those who got to see the results – but the processes itself has been a good experience and that is already an achievement!


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