This weekend on 21 November 2015 femLENS held a photo exhibition showing the results of our first series of workshops in Balgaddy, Dublin.

The exhibition was an interactive “photo-hunt”. The photographs were spread out through Balgaddy and visitors used maps to find the photos. Our workshop participant Paula Haverty was around telling stories about the life in Balgaddy and her experiences taking the photographs in her community.

The response was very positive and we feel we achieved two of our goals, getting Paula interested in photography and educating the wider public about the ins and outs of life in a community through the eyes of a local.

These two comment by Fiona Monaghan and local counsellor Eoin Ó Broin summed up the day:

“Very interesting afternoon..the work the residents are putting in to improve the quality of their environment and their children’s happiness and safety is phenomenal and the resistance they get is criminal ! Here’s hoping all their hard work pays off !”

“Powerful photographs by Paula Haverty showing the human side of life in Balgaddy. Great work by Paula & FemLens”

For those of you who could not make it on the day, here are some photos of the experience.