femLENS on demand is an opportunity to learn photography techniques for communication or for skill development of your employees, volunteers, teachers with an experienced photographer and storyteller.

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Workshop participants will go through a journey that starts with an overview of photographic history and introduction to different photographers. 
The course explores mobile cameras as a tool and exercises: practicing focus and light functions on the phone by taking a few photos of each other. 
In the next two sessions students look at different techniques such as light, composition, point of view, etc. They will discuss different types of storytelling and the process of planning a project. 
During the final session of the course participants learn to edit using mobile apps and sequencing of their final project, and look at how to share their projects. They will have an opportunity to discuss their photos and the experience.

The course can be individually designed for the needs of your organisation and knowledge level of participants.
We advise to have at least 2 sessions each 4 hours.

Who are femLENS’ documentary photography workshops for?
NGOs and organisations working with:
– Children and youth in difficult circumstances.
– homeless adults and families.
– People with physical and mental disabilities or mental health issues.
– People who are discriminated against because of class, caste, way of life, or poverty.
– The rural poor, whose concerns and strengths are often different from those of the larger society, particularly in developed or fast-developing countries.

Types of organizations that could benefit from femLENS’ documentary photography workshops:
– NGOs and informal associations will benefit from training their participants to be able to record the work of the organisation, which could be used on their websites, social media, in annual reports.
For profit organisations can offer their employees this course as an educational opportunity, while small teams that need to multitask may find it useful to improve their social media, marketing and communication work. Encourage and involve your employees to build up together a strong brand identity.
– Schools and universities that want to encourage their students to explore their own communities and understand modern society will find that the femLENS documentary photography workshops will be equally engaging for both media experts and total novices.
– For all – it can be an interesting team building event.

How will femLENS’ documentary photography workshops help your organisation?
There are a number of reasons why documentary photography workshops can be a particularly powerful way to approach empowerment and advocacy.

– The rewards of taking photographs are immediate. A camera, (we also work with mobile phones), produces nearly instant results, thereby encouraging participants to continue.
– Photography is fun and creative. Photography is fun and creative. Its practice shifts the perspective from survival needs to creating and shaping the surrounding world, empowers participants and gives a voice to people who often feel unheard and unseen. – Taking photographs of familiar scenes and people can change participants’ perceptions about their social and physical environment. During femLENS’ documentary photography workshops we teach both storytelling and technical photography skills in a way that impacts how participants view themselves and their role in their community. This gives participants an opportunity to show the side of life that people may have never seen before.

Basic photography is easy to learn and accessible to almost everyone. We believe that photography is the most accessible way to share someone’s experience. There is no need for expensive cameras or a high level of literacy. Teaching digital skills and showing how to use mobile phones can help empower participants, making them more connected, safe and able to access information and services.
“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Seeing what someone else sees is more powerful than being told about it. Effective advocacy conveys a need for change, and photos can almost always make a far better case than words alone.
Images can be understood by people around the world regardless of language, culture, or other factors.
Photography provides a means for empowerment without requiring people to stand up and speak in public.

How femLENS’ documentary photography workshops can help to advance the content marketing strategy of your organisation?

When it comes to representing your company or organisation, you want images and content that expresses your organisation’s point of view or thoughts. femLENS will help you to create unique content based on your needs and the area you work in. This will help you to communicate the value of the work you do and create new opportunities.


Personalisation and customisation are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences. Personalising content means that you are shaping it for a specific audience’s interests and motivations, either for policy makers, philanthropists or donors.

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