Festival of Transnational Feminist Artivism

HER|visual|STORY, the digital photography Festival curated by femLENS and F.I.G.A by alysvisualart.com, will take place from 25th to 28th November 2020.

The name refers to the Herstory movement launched by Alice Wroe.

We will critically explore the theme 
Space and Representation. We will dive into such important aspects as digital equality and visual literacy in a historical moment when the means of production and representation are closely connected.

Challenging the whole current situation, we have built up an inclusive and accessible program to bring together women from different levels of the photo industry, creatives, activists, communities of women and girls.

There will be moments of apprenticeship and discussion, free downloadable material, free workshops, networking opportunities, and much more.

The program will be opened by a photographic work made by refugee women, who took part in the femLENS workshops: a unique, precious photo archive, a necessary premise to start the conversation. We will have the opportunity to listen to women in the creative, artistic, and cultural sectors, but we also be working together to search for tactical and practical answers on photography, storytelling, writing and internet culture.

We have considered it necessary to gather women from different countries and with different backgrounds with the only aim of giving all the women the tools to empower and represent themselves. 

Day 1

Photographic exhibition of femLENS workshop participants and professional photographers on the theme of migration, followed by a discussion about the importance of photography originating from different communities.

her visual story festival day one panelists femlens
her visual story festival day two panelists femlens

Day 2

Visual storytelling workshop followed by an interactive workshop on disentangling inequality. 

Day 3

Writing workshop and different talks aimed at improving our understanding of the digital space.

her visual story festival day three panelists femlens
her visual story festival day 4 panelists femlens

Day 4

Day 4 is all about community platforms – digital spaces, physical spaces, printed spaces and protest as platform.


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