This lack of diversity worried me—who is showing us their perspective of the world? Why only them and where is everyone else? Others who have noticed this have started to act on this gap, but most of these projects are aimed at elevating existing women photographers, which is necessary for those women but doesn’t train more women nor address the lack of diversity in photography


Other examples of simple yet impactful means of innovating include the work of photojournalist Jekaterina Saveljeva in the creation of femLENS.

News24, Dec. 2018: Innovating in the fight against trafficking

femLENS is doing some important work. In a world often defined by exclusivity and barriers to entry, they’re working to empower women to “become change agents” by teaching them the tools of visual storytelling.

ResourceMag, Mar. 2018: Introducing “We See,” the documentary photography magazine encouraging women to become agents of change


A decade working in photojournalism around the world taught Jekaterina Saveljeva two things: Not enough photojournalism is done by locals, nor are there enough women working in the industry.

The Daily Start Lebanon, Nov. 2017: Photography helps Shatila women break boundaries

In Gdynia you will be able to see the exhibition “Women take pictures – Crossing Barriers”. Pictures will be available from June 11.

Dziennik Baltycki, Jun. 2017: Kobiety też robią zdjęcia. Wystawa fotografii dokumentalnej femLENS w Gdyni