Welcome to femLENS’ Photography Industry Recap! The Recap is intended to give you a monthly update on exhibitions, the most relevant dialogues about the ethics of photography, introduce you to interesting articles, and finally, bring some photographic inspiration from the industry right to you. Did we hit the mark? Let us know on our socials!

B24/7 highlights a Food Photographer competition exhibition in Bristol, which looks at Art and Food.

The Washington Diplomat looks at a House of Sweden exhibition, which focuses on perceptions of the U.S.

Inside Imaging features a look at an AU exhibition, ‘Viewfinder: Photography from the 1970s to Nowon 3 October.

On 13 October, Augustman spotlights an exhibition coming to the National Gallery of Singapore in December, which will display 150 years of Southeast Asian photography.

Preview talks about the main exhibition of Houston’s FotoFest Biennial – ‘If I Had a Hammer,’ on 20 October.

HuckMag features the UK’s current energy protest in photos, here.

Photos from the destruction of an “artistic intervention” held in the historic Argentinian Tucumán House can be seen in Zyri’s article on the matter.

The Malaysian Digest discusses ‘The Negative Impact of Photo Manipulation in Journalism” on 4 October.

On 22 October, Digital Camera released an article titled ‘ What are the rules of war photography?’ read more at the link.

The Arts Fuse gives a critique of Life Magazine’s ‘Power of Photography’ on 24 October.

The Malaysian Digest looks at the impact of photography on civil war journalism on 4 October.

HuckMag features ‘Surreal scenes from the streets of Southern Thailand on 4 October.

PetaPixel spotlights the decision to “hold” the WPPI’s In-Person Photo Competition until 2024, on 6 October.

On 7 October, PetaPixel features an article titled “A Plea to Manufacturers: We Need the Definitive Photo” in an effort to add more guidance to photography competitions.

‘The Importance of Communication in Photojournalism’ is explored by the Malaysian Digest on 9 October.

PetaPixel explores the importance of still life for documentary photography on 10 October.

‘How Photojournalism Has Changed the News Landscape’ is discussed on 11 October by the Malaysian Digest.

On 14 October, Dazed writes about the Zine celebrating Black women surfers.

PML Daily reports on the Winners of the 11th Uganda Press Photo Award on 18 October.

DIY Photography spotlights the ‘serotonin’ boosting photos from the 2022 Wildlife Photo Awards on 20 October.

On 21 October, HuckMag writes about Kemal Cengizkhan’s photographic view of 1970’s Manchester.

HuckMag features Hunter Barnes’ photo’s of post-Tsunami Sri Lanka from 2006.

The Daily Californian reports on a discussion held within UC Berkely about a photography books released by Erika Huggins about the women of the Black Panther party.

Amateur Photographer writes about how lockdown laundry portraits won a prestigious photography prize.

Hyperallergic reviews feminist photo-artistry, examining photography as a “tool of women’s resistance” on 5 October.

The Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation is running a photo-exhibition until December, 2022. Read more about it here.

Monster Children relays Cheryl Dunn’s ‘How You Will Win Our 2022 Photo Comp’ on 24 October.

IJNET writes about ‘8 worldwide opportunities to apply to’ on 27 October.