International Women’s Day is just around the corner and we want to hear from you. We want to celebrate this occasion by remembering women’s rights protests that have occurred globally through the years with a community project.

Tell us your story by emailing photos or videos from demonstrations you’ve attended and detailing your experience by 1 March. The photographs will be shared across our social media platforms and will be put together into a zine which will be available for print on your own printer so you can distribute copies of the zine across your city. Let’s record the Modern History of Women’s Protests together!

Instructions: If you would like your photos to be featured, please contact us:
1. A selection of 1 to 10 relevant images from a protest/demo (please send with WeTransfer).
2. Say a few words about the experience, e.g.
– was it your first protest?
– how did you feel about it?
– why do you feel protests are important or not? Please also state the date and place, a few words about the protest, name or social media account.
3. Write your artist statement or a short biography if you like.
4. Send all the above files to info(at)femlens.com

USA people marching holding banner women's march femlens

Thank you for Sharing your photos to create a guide to Modern History of Women’s protests!