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It has been a long time since we’ve seen undistorted portraits of working women in print media. Since the start of the era of consumerism and social media, what we are exposed to is either airbrushed celebrities or the poverty on the other side of the social ladder. 

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If you would like your story to be featured, please contact us:
1. A selection of 5 to 10 relevant images from your project (please send with WeTransfer).
2. Write a narrative about your story.
3. Write your artist statement or a short biography.
N.B. the story and your bio should not exceed 1000 characters (not words) as this is the Instagram limit. Please use wordcounter if you need help.
4. Send all the above files to info(at)femlens.com

1. Write a story or an article for our blog, or We See magazine
2. Write your short biography
3. Send all of the above to info(at)femlens.com

Order prints, support Halima Al Haj Ali and Faten Anbar in Shatila refugee camp.

Teachersrise educational project for teachers and trainers. Register for femLENS documentary photography workshops here.

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Are you interested in supporting femLENS?

There are a few ways you can support us:
1. Help us spread the word about our mission and our workshops. We would really appreciate it if you could share a post on Instagram and Facebook at least once per week, stating why you believe in the mission of our organisation. You could also share the provided templates and/or content.
2. We want to encourage you to take part in a collective photo project. Be our eyes and ears. Make a documentary photo story about the social issues in your community (or a present situation in your life), and we will help you to raise awareness about them. Let’s spread the word together and increase women’s vision in the media.
3. Organise a photo exhibition. A photo exhibition can be organised in any location: in an office, in a local cafe, on a street wall, under a bridge, on a fence, etc.

If you’re interested, please email us at info(at)femlens.com and we can speak about the details.

Check our Ambassador Pack to see detailed instructions and support materials.

femLENS is a non-profit volunteer driven association.
We receive support in different forms, through individual donations, sponsorships, fundraising events (bake sales and auction nights) and grants. All resources go towards organising workshops, exhibitions and promotion events.
Any contribution, small or large, is welcome! Thank you for your donation.