• Be the leading photographic educational resource for women from communities with limited resources:
    Practical and comprehensive photography workshops for beginners from different backgrounds.
  • Contribute to the global work that is already being done to include women into photography and for people to start telling their own stories:
    Promote women’s projects through publications and events.
  • Engage with traditional media to diversify the content providers:
    Work with media institutions to promote the work of the students.
  • Encourage students to continue independent practice and share their knowledge and experience.
  • Provide social media training and encourage further self-expression and engagement with the audience to inspire change.


GENDER EQUALITY – Promote participation of women in leadership in society, community, and specifically media and arts.
DIVERSITY INCLUSION – Provide access to education to women from communities with limited resources to diversify the media and arts.
HUMAN RIGHTS – The educational efforts aim to reach women in communities with limited resources to improve their access to education taking into account the significant social, cultural, economic and structural obstacles.