Echoes of Education: Capturing the Empty Halls of a Girls' School

Text and photos Nabila Noori
Kabul, Afghanistan

After the Taliban once again dominated Afghanistan, they blocked the gates of secondary and high schools for girls, and despite the commitments of the officials of this group to reopen the schools, the girls have been deprived of education for 300 days.
During their previous rule between 1996 and 2001, the Taliban did not allow girls to go to school after the sixth grade, and now, by taking this decision, they have once again refreshed the memories of their previous era.
And almost three million girls are prevented from going to school and they are not allowed to go to educational places. And the Taliban are of the opinion that it is forbidden for girls to study and work, and they think that girls should stay at home. To be protected from any looks.

I live in Kabul, and wanted to photograph a girls school that has not seen female students since the Taliban came back to power. At first, the guard didn’t want me to let me in. Finally, I was allowed to go into the school with great difficulty.
I encountered a painful subject in the school grounds, I felt that the gate, the desks and the walls of the school had something to say, and I remembered the scene from the past, when everything was fresh and new. Today everything is tired, every photo I took showed the pain of the scenes in the school.