Power of books

Photo and text by Najwa Danish
Kabul, Afghanistan

I would like to talk about books and their value in life, especially my my own. I am a student in Kabul Medical University, and I also taught courses in the university for three years, until I was stopped from teaching.
Now, all my effort and focus is on my books. One part of my education, which was my presence at the university have been take away, and now all my friends, companions and comforts are in my books.
Teaching and reading books leads to progress in life, not only the development of brain and thoughts, but it is also good for of our soul and spirit.

What is a book?
For some it is love and for some it is the only valuable thing in life.
The book is the best friend and the best companion for progress in life.
I and everyone like me consider the book to be the health of the soul and spirit.
The book is for those who have a goal and want to improve.
Today, books are my best friend and it is through books that I have been introduced to the world.
The importance of books is evident in all parts of human life. One of the most obvious benefits is memory enhancement. The more you store new information in your brain, the better your memory will function and recall information more effectively.

Some of the other benefits of books and reading are:
1. Increasing relaxation and reducing stress
2. Strengthening the mind and protecting it
3. Mental stimulation and Alzheimer’s prevention
4. Having a good sleep
5. Increased empathy
6. Dealing with depression by reading self-help books
7. Increasing awareness
8. Expansion of vocabulary