Every year in December photographers, agencies and publications share their best-of selections, of the work and stories done through the year. femLENS would like to share its own selection of our favourite photographs made by our various workshop participants. femLENS Best of 2017 can be viewed here.

This year femLENS ran two workshops – in the village of Torrox, Andalusia, Spain and in the city of Zhytomyr, Ukraine. The women and girls aged 14-64 explored their communities, families and even back yards.

femLENS teaches documentary photography to women and girls from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds, to include more female voices into the visual storytelling of the world.

Eva Rico Narváez

Maria poses for a photo in her sewing shop in Torrox, Spain.

Bella Antonian

A woman removes corn from the cob, which will be used as feed for animals as well as for herself, while the husk and stalks will be burned in a stove for heating, in rural Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

Kseniya Storoschuk

Storschuk’s grandparents pose for a photograph, in rural Zhytomyr, Ukraine. 

Alina Gorbach

A view of an autumn field in rural Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

Julia Pakina

Trash is seen next to a lake in rural Zhytomyr, Ukraine. 

Anastasia Petruk

A view of Petruk’s house and her father’s old car, which she sits in when she wants to be online as the 3G signal is only in that spot, in rural Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

Lola Deblas

A woman knits at her door in Torrox, Spain.

Marian Noguera

A sewing spot in Noguera’s mother’s workshop in Torrox, Spain.

Maria Fernandez Marin

A woman weaves lace with bobbins in Torrox, Spain.

Jaqueline Grosman

Women pose for a photo in traditional flamenco costumes during the Feria de Torrox, in Torrox, Spain.

Julia Melnik

Igor Civinsky, a volunteer at the local library, exercises in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Civinsky suffers from cerebral palsy, he says he finds society often unkind but continues he to be an optimist.

Viktoria Gorbach

Women sit at a market in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

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