Today is six years since the first femLENS workshop in Balgaddy, Dublin, Ireland!

In 2015, femLENS founder and workshop facilitator, Jekaterina Saveljeva, had the vision to diversify the field of photography and empower women to tell their stories through documentary photography.

The objective of femLENS was, and remains to this day, to help women believe that their perspective is important, inspiring them to find the courage to develop their own voice through visual expression.

Since then we have done:
– fifteen series of workshops in 12 countries training nearly 100 women
– organised 10 exhibitions in different countries
– published four issues of “We See” magazines (all four issues are available for download or purchase on our website)
– published a zine and a photography book (also available on our website!)
– spoke at a couple of festivals and conferences
– organised our own HER|Visual|STORY Digital Festival together with @alysvisualart
– been featured in international media, and much more.

Read our brochure to learn more about our different activities.

Happy Birthday to femLENS and a brilliant team of volunteers, who make things happen!