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femLENS’ online documentary photo club focuses on exploring the art and meaning of photography. The photo club, which has had five sessions so far and has looked at five different photography projects, is an opportunity for photography enthusiasts to gather, learn, and discuss the different aspects of documentary photography, both technical and content-wise.

The goal of the photo club is to help participants “read” photography and better understand the thought process behind the photos. The sessions are led by Jekaterina Saveljeva, a professional photographer, who moderates the discussions and helps participants analyse and interpret the photos.

The photo club’s discussions cover a wide range of topics, including photography techniques like style, colors, light, and composition. Participants also delve into the content of the photos, discussing who is behind the camera, who/what is in front of the camera, and the value of the photo for present and future generations. They also explore the relationship between the photo and themselves, discussing how the photo affects them personally and if it stimulates their imagination, memory, and emotions.

The discussions are held on Zoom, and participants need a stable internet connection, a device, and a link to the event. The sessions are interactive, and participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on the photos presented. Through the discussions, participants learn to analyze and interpret the photos, gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of photography as an art form.

Past events

Join our online documentary photo club where we will learn to “read” photography together. We will discuss both the technical and the content side of photography, as well as the person behind the camera.

We hope that our discussions will help you better understand photography! Join us to discuss the first photo project together with the moderator of the photo club – photographer Jekaterina Saveljeva.

The meeting will be held on Zoom. You will need a steady Internet connection, a device and a link to the event. 

Next Photo Club will meet on 28 August, 2022 at 13:00 Dublin/Ireland time.
Participation is free.
Registration is required.

The link to the event will come the day before the photo club to your email after registration.