Take pART!, a project co-funded by EU (2023-2025), comprises seven partners from seven countries, each contributing diverse expertise.

The Take pART! project seeks to promote active citizenship, youth empowerment, and gender equality through the integration of art, therapy, and activism in non-formal education.

femLENS is leading various aspects related to gender-sensitive artivism, communication, and dissemination. This includes designing a booklet on developing gender-sensitive artivistic performances, co-leading peer-to-peer sessions on artivism, communication, and gender, as well as actively participating in other project activities. femLENS takes charge of communication and dissemination efforts, crafting messages, managing outreach strategies, and ensuring project visibility.

We coordinate the implementation of campaigns, contribute to project deliverables, conduct workshops with youth in Estonia, and undertake translation tasks.

Additionally, we ensure that the project platform includes essential information and learning resources.

femLENS’ expertise in documentary photography and gender education contributes significantly to the project’s success in promoting gender-sensitive artivism and communication.

Areas of expertise:

  • Gender Education and Training
  • Artivism
  • Communication Planning and Strategy
  • Campaign Development and Implementation
  • Workshop Facilitation