Campaign zines

femLENS has been actively engaging in online campaigns since March 2021, raising awareness on various social issues related to women’s rights, gender-based violence, environmental sustainability, housing, and more. The below zines are results of our campaigns.

To celebrate IWD this year we have put together a series of photographs of women’s protests from around the world!

Download our zine to print and distribute copies in your cities or put it up on a wall in town and host your own photo exhibition of women’s protests!

It has been a long time since we’ve seen undistorted portraits of working women in print media. Since the start of the era of consumerism and social media, what we are exposed to is either airbrushed celebrities or the poverty on the other side of the social ladder.

“Women at Work” is a zine created for the 2021 “Women at Work” campaign organised by femLENS, a non-profit association that works to empower women to become social change agents themselves.

Narva mediaLAB

Narva mediaLAB is a community project organised by femLENS with the support of the German Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia. It aim is to address media literacy and media production gaps in Narva, Ida-Virumaa region of Estonia. The mediaLAB provides access to different generations with knowledge on visual literacy, technology for media production, analysis, community media, and shared learning through workshops, seminars, discussions, research projects, exhibitions, and hands-on projects. The goal is to diversify the media and the education landscape in Narva, and to strengthen civil society engagement with contemporary issues. The below zines are the results of two mediaLABS.


Зин от Narva meediaLAB можно посмотреть ниже или скачать по ссылке.

Второй зин от Narva meediaLAB можно посмотреть ниже или скачать по ссылке.
Третий зин от Narva meediaLAB можно посмотреть ниже или скачать по ссылке.
Зин, созданный в рамках проекта Take pART! Зин можно посмотреть или скачать по ссылке.