For the last few months, femLENS has been working on developing a community survey. Today we are finally happy to announce that it is ready, and we are looking forward to your contributions!
The purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding of the needs, challenges and ambitions of women and non-binary image makers working with documentary photography.
Existing data is limited to elite institutions and does not account for the experiences of those with nontraditional backgrounds and approaches. With this survey, we hope to reach not only current and aspiring documentary photographers, but also activists, educators, researchers, social workers, artists and everyday people working with documentary photography as a social tool within their communities.
Additionally, we are committed to leveraging our platform to increase online exposure to your work. You will have the opportunity to submit your own photographs illustrating your experiences and perspectives on topics ranging from community to gender inequality. The survey results and photos will be published as a report on our website and distributed across our social media platforms in the autumn of 2021. Based on the results, we will tailor our programming to support you, the femLENS community and beyond in your documentary photography goals.